Month: June 2008

PPC Blog – SEO Book’s New Sister Site

My wife has been learning a lot about pay per click marketing recently and decided that she wanted to create a site focused on PPC. We have made about a half dozen posts so far to PPC Blog, and she just finished her review of Google Ad Planner. She plans […]

ICANN Approves Broad Expansion of Top Level Domains (TLDs)

ICANN laxed strict rules on top-level domain names, which will allow people like you and I to create new domain name extensions based on “any string of letters, in any script.” The initial cost of setting up a new TLD could cost a few hundred thousand dollars. Given that Google […]

Matt Cutts on Using Search Usage Data to Fight Spam

A couple weeks back we mentioned that Google’s Peter Norvig stated that Google does not use search usage data directly in their relevancy algorithms. Yesterday Matt Cutts made a post on the official Google blog stating that Google does look at search logs / usage data to determine how large […]

Google Improves Search For Blackberry Devices

Google has brought more of “universal search” to the Blackberry and enhanced its display and presentation of search results in several ways. Click to continue reading… More: continued here

Google Searchers Love The iPhone

comScore released statistics that showed the Google searcher is practically in love with the Apple iPhone. In fact, they found that 1.3 million searchers conducted 6.9 million searches for iPhone-related search terms in April 2008 alone. Of those 6.9 million searches, 88.4 percent came from Google, which is 33 percent […]