Month: July 2008

Do The Google Webmaster Support Reps Really Work?

Maile posted a Google blog post named A day in the life of webmaster support. The blog post basically takes you through a typical day at Google for a Google Webmaster Trends Analysts. Here is the video, it is about 7 minutes long and is fun to watch: More: continued […]

Google Tests Related Search Phrases Inline With Search Results

Aaron Wall noticed Google is testing a new location for “related” search results. This time, the location appears to be directly under each individual search result’s URL. Here is a screen shot of it in action, from Aaron’s blog: Click to continue reading… More: continued here

How To Get New Web Sites To Rank Quickly

What is the difference between an unremarkable no value add thin ecommerce site, and a top ranked site? In some industries the difference is simply site age. Sites that were around a few years ago had fewer competitors, so it was easier for them to rank. As they aged they […] Now, With Improvements

Delicious has now relaunched under with some new functionality. The old Delicious was at and should soon redirect to the new dot com address. Along with the domain change, the Delicious site has been redesigned to aid newcomers on using the site. Here are before and after screen […]

Is Google Universal Search A Walled Garden?

Although Google Universal Search (GUS) is still very much in flux, it’s been a part of the SEO landscape for a while now. In that time, there have been some good studies about how often GUS presents video results, and some research into how it ranks videos versus text pages. […]