Month: January 2009

Fedora 10 Released

Finally Fedora 1 is now available to the public. So far it has received good reviews. Fedora 1 is a Linux-based operating system that is built on the Linux kernel version 2.6.27. In this article we ll take a close look at this long-awaited open source challenger to Microsoft s […]

OTRS: Open Source Ticket Request System

In this day and age every organization company and institution must facilitate the way support for customers consumers and even the internal community of employees is handled. Trouble Ticket Systems are designed for this purpose. There are lots of commercial suites but today we are going to present and give […]

Google’s .edu Domain Love: Department of Economics ≠ Mortgage, or Does It?

Some recent Google shifts have caused a lot of .edu websites to rank for competitive keywords like mortgage and credit card. Here is a screenshot of the top 100 search results for “mortgage” with 57 .edu results and 15 .gov results. And here is a similar credit card screenshot. Note […]

Should You Have Multiple Websites?

Or just one? Let’s take look at a web strategy that has a number of SEO and benefits: the hub and spoke strategy. A hub and spoke strategy is when you create one authoritative domain (the hub), and then hang various related websites off that domain (the spokes). If you […]

The 100+ Ranking Variables Google Uses, And Why You Shouldn’t Care

Continuing on with our community questions, here are a few requests for specific ranking information: “What are the 100+ variables Google considers in their ranking algorithm?” Cheeky 🙂 Easy to say, hard to do. Take a job at Google, work your way up the ranks and join the inner circle. […]