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Data Streams and the UNIX Shell

You can consider most of the things happening around you to be a stream of data. Your girlfriend loves you two cars crash in a corner your mother calls you to wish you a happy birthday etc. Everything is just a stream of data that your brain takes and processes. […]

Variables Within the UNIX Shell

Variables. Sure, you can find a couple of them in your life every day. The fact that your girlfriend shows up at the correct time for the date you arranged last week or if the sun will shine like never before are variables that you know will occur only once […]

HTTP State Management with Cookies

Cookies can tell you all sorts of interesting things about your visitors. This article explains what they are how they re structured why they re useful and how to implement them on your web site. Code samples are included….Have An Invention Idea? Don’t know what to do next? We help […]

Information Security: A Coherent Approach

Information security is one thing every IT department has to deal with. But how can system administrators be certain that they re tackling it in the most effective way This article will go over the most common threats presented to system administrators and discuss the measures they need to take […]

Third Party IP Network Scanning Methods

In this third part of a five-part series focused on IP network scanning you ll learn about third-party scanning methods UDP port scanning and more. This article is excerpted from chapter four of em Network Security Assessment Second Edition em written by Chris McNab O Reilly 2 7 ISBN 59651 […]