It still amazes me to this day, that so many people do not know how to locate their IP Address ( Internet Protocol Address ). With several Clients needing assistance every week to find their IP (usually so we can log in and fix an issue, from famed “Operator Errors”). We decided to build our own little “What’s My IP Address” php script. Now instead of stepping our clients thru the process of finding their IP address, they can just log into our website click the “MY IP ADDRESS” Button, at the top of our website, and presto – Their IP address will be on their screen.

This is just another example of how to simplify regular work tasks, utilizing your company website! As we tell our clients websites are a great way to advertise your business, sell your products, etc. But if you can use the website to simplify daily tasks to increase productivity – well then your site is now really working for you!

Article by the Webmaster Team at A+ Computer Professionals