We got our member’s area fully paused out on the 25th of December & on the 26th I got probably the worst flu of my life, losing 15 pounds in 3 days. As a bonus, I got a respiratory tract infection that still has me coughing 2 weeks later!

I am starting to feel a bit over the hump (and like I could be normal within a couple days), but I recently let a number of folks down because I am so used to working 16 hours a day that its hard for me to keep up (even with SEO Book paused) when working only 8 or so hours a day. Worse yet, one day I slept over 21 hours! If I haven’t emailed you it’s likely not because I was trying to ignore you, but rather because I am still about a hundred more emails in the hole from the period of getting sick.

That said, we are starting to make some progress on the site. We upgraded Drupal over the last couple days (from 5 to 6, but still need to upgrade from 6 to 7). I was also testing the new HTML site design & we have a version of it live here. (One page down, and only a few thousand to go. hehehe.)

Our old site design was a *major* upgrade from the hand rolled ugliness I made way back when. The big logo + strong colors really made it stand out & made the site look and feel more memorable. But after we created a membership site, built more tools, created the online training area, started offering more videos, built the community forums, and created a monthly newsletter it sorta seemed like we had outgrown the design.

The thing I dislike about the old site design is that (to me) it looks sorta like a blog that kept on bolting on more pieces. Largely that was so because the site developed quite incrementally over the years. We never really started with a master plan, but just kept building more stuff we liked and bolted it on. Over time it added up & got a bit unwieldy & the current design doesn’t really hint at the breadth or depth of the offering. Whereas the new design feels more like a complete thought that better expresses what the site offers.

In terms of the infrastructural upgrades, we are not where we need to be, but we are finally making progress, and are trying to catch up quickly. If I owe you an email expect one before the weekend is out! (Unless I feel worse after another nap here soon).

Happy new year everyone, and more blog posts coming in the days to come.

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