Did you know that Starbucks is “not” the “only” coffee shop in town? Some say, that it’s not even the best. Or what about McDonalds? They’re certainly the biggest, and I think you’ll find that everyone agrees, that they’re certainly not the best. And when it comes to internet lead generation, Google is “not” the only, nor is it the best, game in town. To get “qualified leads”, your best choice is often Facebook Ads, Yahoo Ads, Media Buys, List brokers, Email Marketing, and not to mention, good old fashioned SEO. Oh, and don’t forget Google Adwords too. So, how do you choose the best vehicle for intent marketing lead generation? That’s where ProLead Media comes in. We are one of the best lead generation, SEO, and PPC managers that you’re likely to find. No brag, just fact. Just ask Glen of Two Small Men Moving. Every day, he receives about 40-60 leads from his website. And life is sweet. Let’s see what we can do to attract a steady stream of new customers to your business… Lead Generation, SEO Management, PPC Management, Internet Marketing Companies, Internet Marketing Consultant, Online Marketing Consulting, SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Lead Gen, http