Compete: Yahoo Traffic Better Than First Reported

As part of my Compete: Google Keeps Stomping The Others In Search Traffic article earlier this week, I posted the exact rules that Compete uses to calculate search share, along with commentary on why digging into this is becoming increasingly important. A reader noted the rules didn’t seem right. As a result, Compete stepped up and recalculated things — causing Yahoo’s search search and volume for May 2008 to rise significantly (from 13.3% to 18.6%). Perhaps good news to late for thosedeparting executives (and see here and here).

I’ve got nothing but kudos for Compete sharing this level of detail, and it’s something I’m in the process of trying to get from the other ratings services, as well. We depend so much on these figures to gauge the market "health" of various services, but how exactly they are compiled gets relatively little attention. I’m keeping at that as part of my ongoing project. In the meantime, please see the original post for updated figures (at the bottom in the postscript) plus a look at why digging into the stats is so important.

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