I just read an interesting story on My Take on Disney, one of our clients websites. Here is the article:

Disney has teamed with Google Earth to create virtual tours of the four Walt Disney World theme parks and all of the twenty two Disney World resorts. Upon completion, it will feature 1500 3-D click-able maps of the attractions, resorts and restaurants.
Walt Disney Parks and Resorts chairman Jay Rasulo stated “It’s a virtual walk-through of the whole property the most amazing virtual tour of any place in the world.”
Commenting about the Google Earth’s Disney project, maps director John Hanke stated “It’s “truly innovative and unique.”
When launched, the virtual world will be accessed through either disneyworld.com/3dparks or earth.google.com.
A team of eight photographers spent ten days photographing all aspects of Disney World. The pix were next created in 3-D. During the start up phase, exterior shots will be featured with interiors to be added later on. A similar project for Disneyland Resort Paris is underway.

To read the article at My Take on Disney – Click Here
I think this will bring a huge amount of Disney Fans over to Google Earth – smart move on both Google and Disney’s behalf. I mean what a better way to market your business then to have the best virtual tour on the net!