I love Google’s special holiday logos, which typically honor unique individuals or special holidays. Today Google has a special logo recognizing the birthday of Bauhaus (“house of building”) founder Walter Gropius.

But it’s a weird tribute: In some respects, the logo can be seen as a rendition of the Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View. If you’ve been there, you’ll recognize an abstract shape that could easily represent the unique “V” architectural detail that in real-life sports Google’s own logo. But in this rendition, the bottom stave of the “G” looks like it has been swept away and is lying feet-up in a broken heap at the bottom of the logo:


Most of Google’s holiday “doodle” logos have been created by Dennis Hwang, who many regard as Google’s more or or less “official” webmaster. Want to know more about Hwang? Check out his Wikipedia entry, or this more interesting CNN profile of Google’s official doodler.