It’s going to be harder for Google to spin they haven’t lost the mojo to Facebook with news of the latest exec to depart the Big G — that being chief spinmaster Ellliot Schrage jumping bailing from being vice president of global communications at Google to become VP of communications and public policy at Facebook.

BothAllThingsD andValleywag have news of the move. AllThingsD has a short memo from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to employees there with the news. It also reports that Schrage will report to Sheryl Sandberg, who jumped from Google to become COO at Facebook.

Be sure to see my Megachart & Analysis: Google Executive Management Changes, 2000-2008 post from last month for a recap of all key executive departures from Google going back to when it began. Schragejoined Google in October 2005, filling the spot left vacant when marketing maestro Cindy McCaffrey became the first exec to take her chips and leave Google in December 2004.

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