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Brian Ussery tested how Google is indexing Flash.

David Naylor saw Google’s bad advice on “no need to rewrite your URLs” in action, when a competing site reverted their URLs to uglier versions and promptly saw their rankings tank.

Kentucky seized a bunch of online gambling domains.

“”””The court recognizes that as to any of the 141 defendants domain names that identify websites as informational only, the seizure order must be rescinded.””

However the court found that “Internet gambling operators and their domain names are present in Kentucky.” So if you have a parking page the Commonwealth has no jurisdiction but if your operating a site, then your doing business in the state and your subject to its jurisdiction.

While on the topic of gambling domains, Google is allowing gaming ads in the UK.

Neil Patel is looking to help fund some start ups.

Google blocked the use of their Chrome browser in Syria and Iran.

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