A few years ago some of our team held senior positions with a major UK local directory publisher. Back in 2004 we built a local pay-per-click search engine (like AdWords) but for local advertisers. We helped over 70000 businesses manage their online advertising campaigns in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. By the time we moved on to pastures new, the technology was serving in the region of 200 million searches a month and it was making a reasonable return for everyone involved. Since those heady days we’ve been busy building and optimising websites for a few of our favourite clients, in between the odd game of golf and Guitar Hero. Managing multiple sites was becoming time consuming and a little tedious, not to mention expensive! We looked for some kind of SEO project management tool or campaign manager that could help us do this efficiently, but we could not find one that met our needs. So eventually we decided it was about time that someone put together an online tool that made it easy for anybody to optimise their website on an ongoing basis.