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I got mentioned in the media 3 or 4 times last week and just finished my last interview (at least for a while). It is hard when you get used to doing interviews with friends or talking to the media because it is easy to be unprepared for the other. With reporters you have to be guarded because they often aim for a misquote because that sounds more interesting, whereas you can be really open with friends.

Anita Campbell recently interviewed me about SEO and business stuff on the Open Forum, and Augusto Ellacuriaga interviewed me about SEO on his Spanish SEO blog.

Kim Krause Berg recently interviewed Sugarrae.

In Leonard Klaatu’s article about Bassackwards Business Model he mentioned me a bunch, but did not interview me…he didn’t need to though as I think he understood my philosophy and strategy, perhaps better than I do. 🙂

On Search Engine Land I wrote tips on how to rank a new site quickly.

If you are going to SES please support Todd Malicoat‘s IM Charity Party on the 18th. I won’t be attending SES, but I should be at the IM Charity Party for an hour or two.

David Mihm did a great rundown of SMX local and mobile.

Microsoft Live Search upgraded their webmaster tools, so if you want to dig into details but were afraid to give Google any more data this is a great opportunity. Rand recently interviewed Live’s Nathan Buggia.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk fully launched. It has to be good for a lot of creative publishing ideas…the most obvious are spamming opportunities, but I have not tested the upper limit of quality yet. Have you?

Google is showing more data about when and how they customize and personalize search results…claiming greater transparency. Meanwhile, they have begun blocking some automated rank checkers and sending bad data to users of their API.

Zappos is practicing the ugly anti-marketing art of line extension, by selling laptops. Did you know that before ketchup Heinz was a leader in the pickles market?

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