July 2010 Linkscape Update – A Pie Graph of the Web, New API Calls + More

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It’s that wonderful time of the month again! Linkscape, SEOmoz’s web index powering our mozbar, API, Open Site Explorer, the classic Linkscape tool and many features in Labs and elsewhere pushed out new data (over the weekend) from a web crawl that ended earlier this month. There’s lots of fresh info to explore on your sites, including new links and metrics, but I wanted to show off some spiffy new features, too.

First up, by popular request, we’ve got a calendar of Linkscape updates available on the API Wiki:

Linkscape Calendar

This should be updated regularly with ETAs for new Linkscape updates and as promised, we’re sticking to our schedule of new data every 4 weeks.

Next is a picture of how the web looked in our latest crawl. For those of you who, like me, geek out on data about the web, this stuff is pretty cool:

Pie Chart of Linkscape's July Crawl

I also grabbed some information about the use of internal vs. external links and usage of nofollows & rel=canonical tags:

  • Percent of Pages with Rel=Canonical: 4.63%
  • Percent of Links that are External vs. Internal: 15.2% External vs. 84.8% Internal
  • Percent of Links that use Rel=Nofollow: 2.08%
  • Percent of Internal Links w/ Rel=Nofollow: 1.44%
  • Percent of External Links w/ Rel=Nofollow: 5.67%

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got some great new calls in the API to request data. You can see a visualization of just a few of these below:

Interesting Linkscape Counts via the SEOmoz API

In speaking to lots of users of our Linkscape data, I hear the following requests, all of which are on our roadmap:

  • Historical data – show the links I’ve gained/lost since the last index
  • Historical data – show my link counts and metrics from the last 6-12 months of index updates (this is challenging, as what we crawl changes month to month, but we believe we’ve got a workable solution coming by Q4)
  • IP Address / Origin Country – show the country and IP address of the link source
  • Fresher & Faster Updates – this should be arriving by Q3 of this year, as we move to a more recursive model with fresh data updating possibly as quickly as every 1-2 weeks, while the larger, less-change prone portion of the index updates only 1X per month or two
  • Deeper Crawls on Large Domains – also on its way for Q3
  • Text Surrounding the Anchor – another project in the works; we’re first testing to see if it has correlation/impact on rankings (this should be exciting research)

If you have a feature or request that’s not listed, please let us know! We want to make sure you’re getting all the link information you need with the highest possible freshness and quality.

A big thanks to Kate, Chas & Phil from SEOmoz’s engineering team, who put effort into this month’s update.

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