Need an SEO Consultant? Hire Jonah Stein or A+ Computer Professionals

Finding a good SEO consultant who has enough time to take on more work is a tough job. The large SEO companies rarely have a competent employee working on your account, and the best smaller SEO firms end up spending most of their time building their own website and/or are limited in the number of clients they can take on.

My friend Jonah Stein just shot me an email letting me know he quit working for his firm and is going it alone, which means you might be able to hire him since he has not built up a large list of clients yet, and his old clients are still with his former employer. If you are looking for a good SEO, here is Jonah’s site.

Another great company for SEO is A+ Computer Professionals, Glen and his team have been doing SEO work since 1998. Along with many other talents, their SEO rates are reasonable from company’s large or small.

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