www.businessmarketingservices4u.com Reverse SEO Reputation Management – Reverse SEO | Remove Negative Links/Posts from Google Searches | Remove Copied Content | Remove Videos/Pictures from Searches. There are several different definitions for reverse SEO. At BMS4U, we define it as: The process of minimizing the search engine visibility of a web page. For example, one competitor may create a negative blog post or business review for another company in a malicious attempt to hurt their business. Through reverse SEO, BMS4U will create new web properties that will outrank the negative content, forcing it lower in the search engine results page (SERPs). As rankings decrease, so does visibility and the overall impact it makes. Reverse SEO stands for reverse search engine optimization in which we supress negative search results which includes webpages, copied content/websites, links, forum posts, blogs, videos, audios or pictures. Please note : no one can remove a link from google except the link owner or google itself(in case of copyright)