Paid Search - A Column From Search Engine Land

When you think about the search buying cycle, you often start with a user’s keyword search. However, that’s not the entire buying cycle funnel. The first steps in the buying cycle are awareness and interest. It’s difficult to generate awareness in search as someone has to first know about a product or service before they can search for it.

Traditionally, the awareness cycle has taken place through CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) buys on the traditional ad networks, or via ad buys on a specific site. However, it is possible to accomplish many of these buys through Google’s AdWords program. If you use content network best practices, you can optimize these buys based upon campaign metrics once you set your goals.

With the launch of AdWords new keywords plus placements targeting, you have better control in buying both CPC and CPM ads via Google than in the previous days of the content network.

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