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  • Microsoft Live Search Adds More Images, Multimap, Find My Location, & Celebrity Rank
    Live Search has informed us that they have made a few enhancements to the search engine. The enhancements include an expanded image search index, a new integrated mapping experience with Multimap, a location based mobile search feature to “find me,” and more content for the celebrities and books sections. Here…
  • Court Documents: Microsoft Allocates $1.5 Billion For Yahoo Employee Retention
    Court documents cited by the Wall Street Journal (also CNET) show that Microsoft has set aside $1.5 billion to retain Yahoo employees in the event of a successful takeover. This is apparently not tied to the generous “poison pill” severance packages that Yahoo put in place in the event of…
  • Outsourcing To Increase SEO Throughput
    Even with budgets getting tightened, your SEO program may be kicking, but the head count you requested to keep the program moving upward may not get approved. When this happens, it’s time to look at a Plan B for increasing throughput without adding staff. Many people I talk to…
  • Will Yahoo Create An Open Ad Profile?
    Yahoo’s mantra these days is openness. To that end, Yahoo may create the ability for users to view their ad profiles — the data that’s being used to target them with advertising on Yahoo and its extended network. Yahoo EVP Jeff Weiner, who spoke at the Economics of Social Media…
  • Google Ocean To Complement Google Earth, Maps & Sky Soon
    Google diving into 3D mapping of oceans from reports Google is working on a new mapping system to map the Earth’s oceans. The tool might be named Google Ocean and will complement Google Earth and Google Sky. says Google Ocean will contain 3D oceanographic maps with underwater topography,…
  • Google Toolbar PageRank Update Creates Major Webmaster Buzz
    Over the past few days, many webmasters and SEOs have been noticing an update to the PageRank score found in the Google Toolbar. Usually PageRank updates aren’t that noteworthy, but it seems something is different about this PageRank update…

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