SearchCap: The Day In Search, August 28, 2008

Below is what happened in search today, as reported onSearch Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Are You Giving Your SEO Enough Information to Succeed?
    Three years ago Todd Malicoat published a blog post titled Balancing the Link Equation, which offered conditional tips about how to improve the link profile of a website. I think of that post nearly every time someone asks for SEO advice because the field has grown so complex that…
  • Google & Mozilla Extend Default Firefox Search Provider Deal
    TechCrunch reports Google has extended the Mozilla deal an additional three years, to 2011. The deal will continue to ensure Google is the default search engine on Firefox in exchange for huge sums of cash. The deal comes the day after Microsoft released a beta of IE8. Do note that…
  • Veoh Decision Good News For Google, Potentially Bad News For Viacom In YouTube Litigation
    Online video destination Voeh Networks was sued in 2006 for copyright infringement by IO Group (an adult video producer). The facts in the case and claims are generally similar to those of Viacom vs. YouTube. Yesterday a federal District Court judge in California issued a ruling that, barring an appeal…
  • Google Testing Two Videos On One Web Search Result
    Ever since the launch of Google Universal Search, Google has been showing videos in the web search results. But sometimes, there are more than one video shown in the web search results and, in many cases, those multiple videos will take up the space of 2 or more of the…
  • Google Gives Google Apps Users Credit & Adds Communication Policies
    Earlier this month, Google’s popular email service had a major outage. is now reporting that Google has responded to Google Apps Premier users with a credit and a promise to provide better communication tools in case this happens again….
  • Search & Internet Explorer 8
    After finally getting the new Internet Explorer 8 beta installed (demands to upgrade Windows, verify Windows, sigh), I spent some time playing with the new search functionality and checking to see if Microsoft was going to try to stack the deck in its favor with the new browser. So…

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