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  • Search Marketing & The US Presidental Race, Case Study: Sarah Palin
    After reading yesterday about how savvy both US presidential campaigns seem to think they are about search marketing, I decided I’m going to take a closer look at watching them. In particular, I noticed yesterday that both seemed pretty lame when it came to tapping into rising queries that…
  • Google Tests Displaying Ads Under Search Results
    Tamar reported at the Search Engine Roundtable that Google has confirmed that they are testing displaying search ads under the search results. You and I are accustomed to seeing AdWords ads at the top and right hand side of the Google search results page, but we never see them under…
  • Search In Pictures: Mandi Perkins at Yahoo, Google Dance & Yahoo Safari
    In this week’s Search In Pictures, here are the latest images culled from the web, showing what people eat at the search engine companies, how they play, who they meet, where they speak, what toys they have, and more….
  • Microsoft Acquires Market Research Firm Greenfield Online To Get EU Shopping Engine Ciao
    Microsoft successfully bid to acquire Greenfield Online for approximately $486 million. But Microsoft isn’t really interested in Greenfield, it was after the company’s subsidiary Ciao GmbH. Founded in 1999 and acquired by Greenfield in 2005, Ciao is an Munich-based EU comparison shopping site with user reviews….
  • Ask Kids Relaunches With Cute Kids Features
    A few days ago, relaunched Ask Kids, their search flavored for children. The blog just wrote about the launch last night. said the Ask Kids site was “built from the ground-up, with our own search technology.” It seems like added a “very strict” list of which…
  • Human Hardware: Foraging for Information
    When looking to predict how MBA students and analysts would find information in a digital environment, Peter Pirolli found his answer in an unlikely place: animal’s foraging patterns. Pirolli, working at the Palo Alto Research Center, was trying to predict with some mathematical accuracy the behavior of humans when…
  • Obama Vs. McCain: Display Vs. Direct Response
    The Wall Street Journal analyzes and compares the online marketing strategies, successes and weaknesses of the two US presidential candidates. McCain turns out to be the more savvy search marketer, while Obama does a better job at SEO and is investing more in online display advertising….
  • Bill Tancer On 20/20 This Friday, Talking Search Behavior
    Many search marketers know of "data geek" Bill Tancer, who has long entertained folks at search marketing conferences with tales and observations of what you can tell about people through search trends. Bill’s got a great new book coming out, Click, which shares those insights with a broader audience….

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