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  • 10 Steps for Digg Success When You’re the Villain
    If you’re using Digg as a linkbaiting tool then you’re perceived as a villain. Everyone from Digg itself, to the community, to other self-proclaimed social media experts thinks you’re the bad guy. Even though good linkbait provides value to the community (because who doesn’t like remarkable content?), if they…
  • Extension For Internet Explorer Adds Firefox Features
    The Delicious Blog announced the release of a new beta version of the bookmarks extension for Internet Explorer. The new version helps the IE version catch up with the Firefox version, which was released on April 30th….
  • Google Incorporates Geodata In API, Partners With ESRI, Yahoo Introduces “Internet Location Platform”
    Google’s John Hanke keynoted the Where 2.0 conference this morning and discussed the development and evolution of the “geoweb.” But he also announced that KML files (now a public standard) and GeoRSS data (I believe) being indexed by Google are now going to be available to third parties via the…
  • EveryScape Improves, Beefs Up Community Strategy
    Google and Microsoft have invested huge sums in their competitive mapping platforms. Yahoo, for its part, opted out of that arms race some time ago. But independent EveryScape is building an interesting alternative platform and destination. Today at the Where 2.0 conference, the company announced upgraded site features and a…
  • An Embarrassment Of Dead Link Riches
    Sometimes link building is more difficult and painful than a root canal, and sometimes it’s so easy it happens in spite of us. It can be especially frustrating when you are trying to build links for a site that is perfectly deserving of the links you are requesting, yet…
  • More Than Half Of Yahoo’s Paid Search Clicks Come From Partners
    Efficient Frontier is out with new research looking at how the major search engines get search traffic outside their own search engines, including the remarkable stat that less than half of Yahoo’s paid search clicks happen on its own search sites….
  • Fortune On Google’s Challenges: Employee Retention, Innovation, Maintaining Its Culture
    There’s a famous B.B. King blues tune called “The Thrill Is Gone.” I was recently on the phone with a Google employee (director level) who was expressing that very sentiment about his experience there. I was surprised to hear that from this particular individual. However, Google has seen some high…
  • Microsoft’s Worldwide Telescope Application Blasts Onto The Desktop
    Microsoft has launched (an appropriate metaphor this time) its Worldwide Telescope desktop application. You must download the software, but then you’re treated to a beautiful array of images and “guided tours” of the cosmos (see screenshots below). Intended for science education, “Worldwide Telescope stitches together terabytes of high-resolution images of…
  • Search Illustrated: How A Search Engine Determines Duplicate Content
    With so much good content on the web, it’s inevitable that the same information will be displayed many times over. Whether it’s a blog post pointing to good statistics, an RSS feed pulled into a complementary site, or blatantly copied material, duplicate content can be an issue. This week’s…
  • Funny Microsoft Live Search TV Ads That Should Be Aired
    Two weeks ago, I attended a Microsoft event in London to talk about its progress in search. One of the highlights were these fake, hokey TV ads they showed us in between breaks. I loved them. They’re especially funny if you know Britain, but anyone should get a chuckle out…

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