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  • Screen Shots Of Google Health
    Greg Sterling is now at Google, for the Google Factory tour and the news is already buzzing about the US launch of Google Health. Greg may swing by and postscript with some of the details he learned from Google’s presentation, until then, let me share with you screen captures of…
  • How to Solve Communication and Differentiation Problems
    Last week, Page Zero Media held a seminar in Toronto called Winning the Paid Search Game. In the intensive half day seminar, we focused on tactical PPC issues like ad copy generation, landing page optimization and the differences between the search engines. But strategy is possibly even more important than…
  • The “Google Factory Tour”: Display Ads Coming In Image Search, Google Health Live
    I’m at the “Google Factory Tour,” which is presenting bloggers and the press with an update on the state of search and search-related product development at Google. Apparently there are going to be some updates on Google Health later. The first announcement today, however, is about the integration of image…
  • Bienvenido To Search Engine Land En Español!
    We’re very happy to announce Search Engine Land en Español, which is being produced by our SMX Madrid partners OME. It has launched to coincide with the opening of the first SMX Madrid show tomorrow. On the site, you’ll find selected articles from Search Engine Land which have been translated…
  • Display Stumbles As Search Remains Strong
    The NY Times has a wide ranging article that discusses online ad trends and the apparent weakening of the display segment, which is roughly 21 percent of online ad spending. The article discusses how marketers are looking for measurable results and concrete audiences and in that context niche networks/sites are…
  • MicroHoo Act III: Microsoft Looks For A Piece Of Yahoo, Yahoo Offers A Bland Response, Facebook Wants Its Independence
    Yahoo responded late last night to Microsoft’s statement that it had proposed a new deal but something less than a full acquisition. The Yahoo response was boilerplate and bland and betrayed nothing about Yahoo’s potential receptiveness to a scaled-back deal. The speculation and rumor is that Microsoft wants to buy…
  • Google Aids Indian Government In Arrest Of Political Defamer
    TechCrunch reports that Google has aided in the arrest of an Indian man who wrote in an Orkut community, “I hate Sonia Gandhi.” Sonia Gandhi is a politician in India. Google reportedly handed over IP information to the Indian government, to help the government track down and arrest this individual….
  • NearbyNow About To Make Local (Product) Search Widely Available
    There are a handful of companies that have been building local product inventory databases, many of them under the radar. They include Krillion, NearbyNow, Shopatron, Where2GetIt, Channel Intelligence and ShopLocal. Krillion was the first to start syndicating that data. But NearbyNow is now going to take its billion product database…
  • Google Enables Third Party Tracking For Content Network
    Google has announced that they will now support the ability for advertisers to track their ads using third party advertising tags. This new feature is only available within Google’s content network (aka AdSense) and only available for North America based advertisers. In the past, the only way to track your…
  • YouTube Adds Search Suggestions, Demographic Stats, Google Contacts Import & More
    Over the past week, YouTube has announced the addition of several features. In a recent YouTube blog post, YouTube announced the addition of search suggestions on, the import of your Google contacts and a new and improved notification system for video comments. Plus, the Google Blog announced the addition…
  • 10 Fundamental Tips To Improve Your SEO
    In my colleague Matt Lester’s recent Search Engine Land column he discussed ten tips for a more effective paid search campaign. For this article, I’ll follow up Matt’s advice with ten tips to help you develop a more effective Search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. But before we dive into…
  • Microsoft And Yahoo Apparently Back At The Bargaining Table
    What would Sunday afternoon/evening be lately without more intrigue in the MicroHoo drama? Today was no exception as Redmond issued a cryptic statement that says it’s offering to join forces with or acquire some of Yahoo — potentially the search business — in a deal short of the total acquisition…
  • Google Celebrates Bauhaus B’Day With “Broken” Logo
    I love Google’s special holiday logos, which typically honor unique individuals or special holidays. Today Google has a special logo recognizing the birthday of Bauhaus (“house of building”) founder Walter Gropius. But it’s a weird tribute: In some respects, the logo can be seen as a rendition of the Googleplex…

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