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  • Hey Microsoft: Bribing Searchers Is Fine; Frustrating Them Is Not!
    I’ve got no problem if Microsoft wants to "bribe" searchers to use its search engine. Even Google has done the same. But the Live Search Cashback program rolled out today seems a pretty inept way to do it, far more likely to disappoint and frustrate than woo searchers….
  • Microsoft “Cashback” Program Aims To Lure Commercial Shoppers With Rebates, Marketers With CPA Model
    Microsoft has invested heavily in Live Search and seen its search relevance and results improve but so far not its market share. The company believes its core search results are as good as what you’ll find on Google or Yahoo. But its share is flat-to-declining, depending on which of the…
  • A Webmaster View Of Google’s Latest Search Quality
    Since Google posted on how their search quality stuff works, I figured I take the webmaster view and tell you what webmasters and SEOs have been seeing from Google’s search quality as of late. As many of you know, my other search blog, the Search Engine Roundtable, covers webmaster and…
  • A Deeper Look At Google’s Search Quality Efforts
    Udi Manber, VP Engineering, Search Quality at Google wrote a fairly long post at the Google Blog on introducing search quality to the public. In short, Udi explains the various teams within the search quality group and explains what each team does. I will highlight below the parts I personally…
  • Playing With Live Search Cashback
    Microsoft launched Live Search Cashback and Greg will have a more detailed post on his pre-briefing. But I wanted to take you through the experience of using Cashback as a searcher. It has been a rainy week here in New York, and I figured I would start my search and…
  • Microsoft Introduces “Cashback” For Products
    Microsoft has introduced a new program called “Cashback” on Live Search. We were thoroughly briefed and are currently under embargo about some details of the program. But, as others are reporting, it’s now live and you can investigate it from a consumer experience perspective. It also has advertiser aspects and…
  • Take Off The Blinders! Your Competitors Are Killing You, Whether You Realize It Or Not
    The guy was in a panic. His ROI had been in a nose dive for the last few months, and he couldn’t figure out why. With no major changes to keywords, copy, landing pages, bids or budget, he was dumbfounded about the decline. But when I asked him what…
  • Tune In To Our Big Brand SEO Webcast Tomorrow
    Tomorrow at 1:00 PM Eastern, Search Engine Land’s executive editor Chris Sherman delivers another Search Marketing Now webcast, "Big Brand Search Engine Optimization: Managing Large Campaigns." Registration is still open – and it’s free….

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