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  • Why You Need To Know SEO Basics, Even If You Outsource
    When you outsource SEO, you don’t outsource responsibility and accountability for getting the job done and driving more traffic. Even though you may outsource SEO completely, you really should invest the time understand SEO basics to best manage your SEO firm, your strategy and provide greater value to your…
  • Mainstreaming Google Earth By Plugging It Into The Browser
    Google Earth has always been a great product — and a popular one, downloaded more than 100 million times. Despite this volume it’s still not mainstream however. Microsoft Virtual Earth decided not to go with a big downloadable client and use a browser plug-in instead. This was a smart strategy…
  • Advertisers Cloaking AdWords URLs To Get Around Display URL Policy
    Remember Google announced that they will be strictly enforcing the AdWords display URL policy a few months back? Well, they actually started enforcing the policy at the beginning of this month. Some advertisers who had display URLs that did not match their destination URLs were impacted. It appears that some…
  • Cool Sights In Google Street View
    The Street View feature in Google Maps has caused a flurry of attention from people ranging from privacy advocates to voyeurs to legislators. The ability to pan around browsing photos shot along streets seems fun and compelling, though it’s also raised all sorts of issues and controversy as our…
  • Interview With Google’s Carter Maslan About “Mapspam”
    After noticing a steady increase in the amount of mapspam (also documented by Mike Blumenthal) appearing on Google in universal search results, we decided to ask the company about the phenomenon and what measures it’s taking to combat the problem. Earlier this week I posed a series of questions to…
  • Search 4.0: Putting Humans Back In Search
    Previously I’ve covered what I dubbed Search 3.0, how search engines have evolved toward blending vertical or specialized results into "regular" web listings. Today, the step beyond that: Search 4.0, how personal, social and human-edited data can be used to refine search results….
  • Google’s CEO Talks Up Mobile Ad Opportunity, Skyfire Browser Pushes For “The Real Internet” On Mobile Devices
    Google very clearly recognizes how strategic the mobile internet is both for revenue growth and the company’s future. Hence the Android mobile platform, the bidding in the 700MHz auction and all the effort Google is directing toward mobile generally. CEO Eric Schmidt repeatedly emphasizes mobile as the next big frontier…
  • Serial Clickfraud Lawsuit Firm Strikes Again, This Time At Citysearch
    Click fraud lawsuit targets IAC’s Citysearch from reports the law firm of Kabateck Brown Kellner is targeting IAC’s for allegedly “defrauding its advertising customers of millions of dollars” by “turning a blind eye to click fraud” and actually “encouraging” the click fraud. This Los Angeles-based law firm has…
  • Microsoft Joins The Social Bookmarking Game
    Microsoft’s John Martin has shared a preview of the new Microsoft social bookmarking tool that will be demonstrated at the TechEd North America event in the upcoming week. John provided a shortlist of features and two screen captures of the social bookmarking tool at his blog post. Based on the…
  • Microsoft’s Kevin Johnson Profiled By Fortune As “The Man Who Would Run Yahoo”
    Microsoft’s Kevin Johnson is perhaps the main strategist in the company’s battle for online advertising dollars and in some sense driving the future of Microsoft as an entity. Fortune magazine interviews and profiles Johnson. Johnson runs the group that controls the Windows OS and online services, including Live Search….
  • Google Asked To Pay $77 Million To Belgian Newspapers For Copyright Violations
    Yesterday we were reminded of Viacom’s $1 billion lawsuit against Google for copyright infringement. That case of course has yet to be determined. However, in Europe, a group of French-language Belgian newspapers previously won a copyright case against Google and are now moving to collect $77 million (€49m) in damages….

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