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  • Search Engine Land Partners With Federated Media & The Future Of Search Series
    I’m happy to formally announce that Search Engine Land has joined John Battelle’s Federated Media advertising network. Yes, we’re still selling our own advertising directly (and our team is more than happy to help!). Yes, we’re still doing our own thing editorially and owned by our parent, Third Door Media….
  • Microsoft’s Facebook Ad Deal Doesn’t Include Search
    Wondering why Microsoft’s search isn’t being promoted on Facebook? Greg Sterling has noted this odd absence a couple of times, such as in his article today on a possible Microsoft purchase of Facebook. Others have as well. The answer is simple. Last year’s big Microsoft-Facebook ad deal didn’t include search….
  • Microsoft & Facebook Do Mating Dance As Microsoft Seeks Alternatives To Yahoo; Google Now Uncertain On Yahoo?
    At one point or another, most of the big online media companies have talked about buying Facebook. Yahoo is rumored to have made an early offer of almost $1 billion for the company, which was (obviously) turned down. But as the MicroHoo discussions appeared to be deteriorating, Microsoft apparently made…
  • The Most Powerful SEO Tactic: Simplify, Simplify, Simplify
    The most important thing you can do when talking to an SEO client (be it your boss in your company, or a different company you consult for) is to learn how to explain SEO in the simplest terms possible. When you are dealing with a non-SEO type, use the 30…
  • A Small Business Marketing Success Story: Avante Gardens
    There’s a battle going on in the floral industry, and many small, independent florists are losing. Like other small businesses, they don’t have the time or knowledge to keep up with the latest marketing trends and tactics. But there are other challenges, too: Way back in 1998, the FTC…
  • Convertibles & Croatia: Google Thinks They Go Together
    Check this out, a search on jennifer convertibles in Google shows for Embassy of the Republic of Croatia to the USA sporting a Jennifer Convertibles stock quote feature. Yes, Google thinks that Convertibles & Croatia are the same thing, in a sense. Both the main Jennifer Convertibles result has a…
  • Internet Archive Wins Fight Against Secret FBI Request For Records
    When in comes to search privacy, one of the biggest worries in my book has been the US government’s ability under the Patriot Act to make secret requests for information that no one can know about. Last year this was ruled unconstitutional by one judge. Today, news is out about…
  • Yahoo Glue Pages Launches In India
    Yahoo has launched Glue Pages Beta in Yahoo India. Glue Pages are specialized pages that contain an enhanced visual search result page, for select search queries. The search results that trigger the special “Glue Pages” run across searches in health, sports, entertainment, travel, technology, and finance categories. The Glue…

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