So, You Think You’re A Search Engine Optimization Expert?

100% Organic - A Column From Search Engine Land A few years ago, I wrote a three-part article series about the different levels of SEO skills: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. I placed copywriters at the beginner level, information architects and interface designers at the intermediate level, and web developers and programmers at the advanced level.

At the time, I was pretty confident at the delineations, because it seemed that is how the perception of search engine optimization had evolved. Now, as I re-evaluate what I wrote, I am not so sure. Instead of seeing a continuum, where a true SEO expert can effectively perform the skills at each level, maybe these three groups represent three unique skill sets. Some of the skills in each set can overlap, of course (I know plenty of people who are both web designers and developers).

So now I stop and try to reassess my perspective, and perhaps the search industry perspective. Is an SEO professional with advanced programming skills truly an SEO expert?

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