The Top 10 Reasons Blogging Will Be Light on SEOmoz for the Next Week

Posted by randfish

No intro, just right to the content:

#10 – Jane’s been on vacation for two weeks and we’ve gotten a bit behind with Q+A.

#9 – It’s the two slowest weeks of the working year (apart from Xmas), and the dev team is buckling down (as per Seth’s advice) to shoot for our October Launch.

#8 – You shouldn’t be reading SEOmoz, you should be watching the Olympics! Between Phelps, Bolt, Luskin & Johnson, it’s already been phenomenal (and that’s just on the US side of things).

#7 – The (sold out) SEOmoz Expert Training Seminar is this week, so we’re busy giving out SEO advice in person.

#6 – The dreaded writer’s block

#5 – Stupid, addictive Tower Defense

#4 – The last two weeks (Interview with Nate, Link Graph) of Whiteboard Friday should have built up some idiosyncracy points.

#3Polymeme is sucking up time (OK, not too much, but it is a pretty cool site)

#2 – Blogging (or reading blogs) never makes the list of happiness predictors. What does? You’re gonna love this.

#1 – I’m getting married in 28 days

Want to turn the lemon into lemonade? Try authoring a killer YOUmoz post. There’s no better time to get published 🙂

BTW – Why isn’t there HTML code for ordered lists that reverses the list order (from highest number to low)?

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