Q.How Do you Manage Guaranty-based SEO Operations and Pricing? A:You really can’t guarantee anything because Google could do an update and decide what was previously #1 becomes #8 or #8 becomes #1. Also client can be applying some link building strategies that could result in downgraded ranking. Then what? I don’t ever guarantee SERP results. Competitors are working on the same It’s not smart to do and it’s really not what SEO is all about anyhow Presence is important but more so the KPI type conversions which could be anything from CTR to sales conversions. Argument1:Research for a UNIQUE keyword into the size of potential competition. There are certain opportunities to get top on Search engines. HOWEVER if there are another million sharing the same keywords there chances are the same as the rest, and then it will probably take months of dedicated hard work to get first page never mind near the top. I would start with local, regional and national, depending on their market and ANYTHING is possible if the campaign is mapped out right with the right approach, but time is a factor, UNIQUENESS is the main one Argument2:Isn’t it the company’s choice if they choose to offer a guarantee, though? If it doesn’t work, they don’t get paid. If it works more often than not, maybe it gives them a competitive edge and the volume makes it worth it. Smart people don’t guarantee something they’ve no control over because in business, “Guarantee,” without results means either no money or