When the .ME landrush began I thought it would be possible to get a couple fun names like SEO.ME and QUIZ.ME for about $200 each. Boy was I wrong! Look at these .ME domain auction prices

I have seen far better .info (and sometimes .net and .org) names with far more resonance go for prices far below these prices. Many international CCTLD names are dirt cheap. It is hard to find an online market more saturated than the search engine optimization field, and yet SEO.CO.NZ is already well ranked in Google New Zealand for SEO while having a buy it now price of $10,000 NZD, which amounts to $7,251.78 USD.

The .ME prices bode well for strong launches of future extensions like .web and .blog…but most new extensions will be at best marginal successes, especially given that Google is not likely to trust most of them.

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