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Whiteboard Friday Live – tomorrow at 10am Pacific Standard Time

We’ll do it live! For the first time ever, Whiteboard Friday will be broadcast live!  Will Rand go crazy? Will the whiteboard fall from the wall? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

The broadcast starts tomorrow morning at 10am PST.  Rand’s topic will be: "When Keyword Targeting Gets Tough, The Tough Get Whiteboard Friday".  Watch the presentation live, chat with other viewers, and ask questions using the Twitter hashtag #mozlive.  We’ll be live for a full hour so there will be plenty of time for questions.

The live broadcast starts on this page on Friday, January 21st at:

Pacific Time: 10:00am
Eastern Time: 1:00pm
London/GMT: 6:00pm

Start the broadcast

Visit or click below to watch the live broadcast and chat with other viewers!


Can’t make it? We’ll be recording the broadcast!

Tune in live, or feel free to come back to our blog to watch the complete recording later.

Technical difficulties?

This is our first live video broadcast, and we hope everything goes well.  But, if you have any trouble during the broadcast, feel free to let us know using the chat functionality when the broadcast is live.

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