Yahoo! SearchMonkey Becomes More Mainstream

Earlier this year, when I wrote about Yahoo! SearchMonkey, which enables developers to build search result enhancements based on semantic web data, I was skeptical that it would fulfill Yahoo!’s stated aims of encouraging wider use of semantic web standards. After all, I opined, while I agreed with Yahoo! that site owners need a reason to adopt these standards, I didn’t know that SearchMonkey would be that reason. The enhanced listings weren’t on for searchers by default and searchers are notorious for never customizing their search experience. And if searchers never see the listings, where’s the motivation?

Tonight, site owners may have found some of that motivation. Yahoo! has turned several SearchMonkey enhanced listings on in their search results by default. This shows their willingness to experiment with the searcher experience. It also encourages SearchMonkey developers by showing that Yahoo! supports and is continuing to evolve the program. And it also indicates that Yahoo! may continue making more enhancements the default, which should motivate site owners to look a bit closer at the semantic web.

Below, more details about what searchers are now seeing by default in Yahoo! results.

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