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Take Our Survey & Help Update The Periodic Table Of SEO

The only constant in search is change. The Periodic Table of SEO was created in 2011 to summarize the major factors that comprise search engine optimization. But it’s time to update the table, to review those ranking factors and make sure we’ve got the right combination. This year… Please visit Search […]

Potential iOS Market For Google Now Is 2.5X Larger Than Android “Now” Base

Google Now for iOS and Android are almost identical in their look at feel. And aside from a few “cards” the same is true of their content. But there are some differences behind the scenes worth noting: one of them is the fact that with its launch on iOS this […]

iPhone & iPad Users To Get Google Now, As It Comes To iOS

Previously Android-only, Google’s “predictive search” tool Google Now is now available for the iPhone and iPad. It’s part of an updated Google Search App for iOS. Google Now for iOS had been anticipated since March, when Engadget discovered a promotional video suggesting it… Please visit Search Engine Land for the full […]

The Amazing “Google Now” — When Google Searches Before You Think To

With Google Now coming to iOS, a whole new audience using iPhones and iPads are about to meet Google’s predictive search service. It’s a feature that’s gone from interesting novelty to being downright amazing, in less than a year. Here’s a look at how the “predictive… Please visit Search Engine […]

Google AdWords Support Launches Screen Sharing Functionality

AdWords users can now share their screens with AdWords support staff. Yesterday, AdWords Community manager, Zee announced the launch of Google Screensharing. Now an AdWords support team member can invite you to share your screen while you’re on the phone with them and signed into your AdWords… Please visit Search […]